Canada Ranked #2 in Best Countries Overall

With 35.5 million population, Canada ranked #2 in the best countries overall. It also ranked #1 in Quality of Life, #3 in Open for Business and #2 in Citizenship. Read more on

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Why there is no better time to apply for Canada investor program?

  • Quota limit is imposed: if you are late to have your file ready, you won’t have access to any quota hence may NOT be able to apply
  • Your children future: give them the opportunity you would have want your parents to give to you
  • QIIP keeps being more restrictive, more expensive, longer processing, and QIIP may be closed in next 1-3 years: lock-in your application now or risk never being able to do it
  • Huge Saving: Canadian currency is at its lowest value over the last decade. $190,000CAD financing fee cost around $148,000USD now (check below chart) which is another $51,000USD saving compare to a year before and $42,000 USD compare to normal conversion rate on top of other benefits and opportunities