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The Investor Program was created by the Quebec government in 1986 with the goal of attracting experienced professionals and their families as permanent residents.

With your investment of CAN$1,200,000, an authorized broker or trust company utilizes the returns to finance an assistance program for small and medium-sized businesses in the province of Quebec.

Your immigration investment ensures the economic stability and business development of your new community.

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Qualification Requirements

  • Have at least two (2) years of business management experience
    • Within the previous five (5) years
    • Need not be acquired in a profitable business, or on a full-time basis
  • Have a minimum net worth of CAN$1,600,000 legally obtained; alone or with your accompanying spouse
  • Make an investment of CAN$800,000, which will be returned to you (without interest) after a period of five (5) years. This investment fully and unconditionally guaranteed by the Government of Quebec; OR
    Pay one time low competitive financing fee (ask for the lowest market range).
    In this case, instead of paying CAN$800,000, you will pay one-time financing fee* to a government-approved financial institution and the financial institution will invest the CAN$800,000 with the government on your behalf. This fee will not be returned to you
  • Meet certain health and security requirements

Why there is no better time to apply?

  • Quota limit is imposed: if you are late to have your file ready, you won’t have access to any quota hence may NOT be able to apply
  • Your children future: give them the opportunity you would have want your parents to give to you
  • QIIP keeps being more restrictive, more expensive, longer processing, and QIIP may be closed in next 1-3 years: lock-in your application now or risk never being able to do it
  • Huge Saving: Canadian currency is at its lowest value over the last decade. $190,000CAD financing fee cost around $148,000USD now (check below chart) which is another $51,000USD saving compare to a year before and $42,000 USD compare to normal conversion rate on top of other benefits and opportunitiesCAD-to-USD-conversion-saving
* Source: Yahoo Finance - October 16, 2015

GII Advantages

  • Focusing only on the Business Immigration
  • Your application will be prepared and followed up by reputable immigration lawyers not a specialist
  • Facilitating the low competitive financing fee (will be facilitated by a major Canadian Bank)
  • Team of experienced business professionals and lawyers
  • Worldwide affiliations
  •  Offering a variety of complementary services

Latest News

On October 4, 2017 the Minister of Immigration announced that important changes to physical presence and the age required to meet language and knowledge requirements for permanent residents who are applying for citizenship will come into effect on October 11, 2017.

As of October 11, 2017, physical presence in Canada will be reduced to three out of five years before applying for citizenship, rather than four out of six years. This is the only requirement with respect to physical presence. Applicants will no longer need to show that they were physically present in Canada for 183 days a year in four out of the six years preceding their application.

In order to match the physical presence requirement, Applicants must file Canadian income taxes, if required to do so, for three out of five years, rather than four out of six years.

Whereas before, applicants between 14 and 64 years had to meet the language and knowledge requirements for citizenship, as of October 11, 2017, this requirement will apply to applicants between the ages of 18 and 54.

Please note that Citizenship applicants who meet the new requirements must wait until October 11, 2017, before applying for citizenship. This is the date when the changes come into effect, and when the new citizenship application forms and guides will be available.

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Quebec province highlighted on a map of Canada (Canada and Quebec Immigrant Investor Program)

GDP Growth | 0.3% (2017)
GDP 1.65 trillion USD (2017)
Inflation Rate  2.2%
Health Care Universal Health 
Education First-Rate Standard