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7 Facts You Never Knew About Investing & Living in Canada

Move your family to Canada via Quebec for wealth, safety, prosperity and happiness. Immigrating to Canada should be at the top of your list of options.

Canada?! You might have overlooked the greatest country to live with your family and invest your hard-earned money.

At one time or another, you’ve probably found yourself contemplating the advantages of moving to the United States, with its promise of the “American Dream” and seemingly endless opportunities.

But despite these advantages, you might have decided the U.S. just isn’t right for you and your family – and you want a better option. It’s time to consider that Canada could be your new home.

Emigrating to provide your family with the safety, security and prosperity they deserve is a noble choice. And Canada could be the solution – so let’s dispel the myths of this ‘quiet’ country and tell you why one of the world’s least-understood, but most prosperous nations can be your ideal home.

Fact 1: It’s one of the world’s most prosperous nations

Canada might not be the first country that comes to mind when you think of the world’s most exotic locales. But once you get to know it, Canada feels like something out of a fairy tale.

The country has a strong, resilient economy and a diverse, vibrant people – with an accepting culture not commonly found throughout the world. Its new forward-thinking government is also ready to welcome even more new immigrants.

Canada is a G8 member country with the world’s 11th largest economy. With such a robust economy, it has developed a world-class health care and education system. In fact, the country regularly lands in the top world education rankings and has extremely high post-secondary graduation rates.

It has one of the highest quality of life rankings and also one of the highest life expectancy rates in the world, at an average of 82 years. Combine that with low crime rates, a stable political system and sound social programs, and it begins to makes sense that Canada could be a great new home to build a happy life.

What’s more, Canada allows you to hold dual citizenship, so you can still maintain your current citizenship should you eventually become a Canadian citizen.

Fact 2: Canada is rich in cultural diversity

Canada boasts a rich cultural landscape with leaders in arts and entertainment, lively communities and thriving cities – it is anything but boring.

The country is extremely diverse, both in its culture and people, with an immigrant population welcomed with open arms. Over 82% of immigrants are from Asia, including the Middle East, and 20% of the entire country’s population was born in another country. That ranks first among all the G8 countries.

It uniquely holds two official languages – both English and French. But don’t worry, you don’t have to speak both languages.

In most parts of Canada, English is the predominant language and Anglophones have a basic knowledge of French (or minimal). In the Province of Quebec, French is the official language, and English is spoken to some degree in most areas. In the bigger cities like Montreal, you’ll have no problem getting around with English. In fact, you’ll even find completely Anglophone areas of Quebec, like in Montreal’s ritzy and glamorous Westmount area.

Explore this “Anglophone Areas in Quebec “map from one of Canada’s beloved news outlets, CBC. (You’ll grow to love the Canadian media outlets who are fair, factual and more positive in many ways than their cousins to the South of the border).

But a more important factor comes into play when assessing the country, and that is “safety.”  Canada is often touted as one of the safest countries in the world with strict gun control laws, a fair justice system, low crime rates and an abundance of freedoms.  This is truly the kind of place where your family can feel safe and where you can forge a secure future for your children.

Fact 3: Investment opportunities are everywhere

The Huffington Post rates Canada as one of the most prosperous nations in the world, and this is seconded by the Global Competitive Index rankings.

Canada investment graph

Canada investment graph

Unlike the struggling US economy and misfortunes in other nations, Canada has shown strength and resiliency in this regard.

In such an economic climate, there are always opportunities for those with the expertise and capital to undertake new business ventures. If you have been successful in your business in other countries, then you’ll find a bounty of open opportunities awaiting you in Canada.

There are also other perks to being Canadian. The NAFTA agreement allows Canadian citizens to quickly and easily gain entry to the U.S. and Mexico for temporary business or investment reasons. Holders of Canadian passports will also enjoy visa-free travel to most countries throughout the world. For high profile international investors, this type of ease of mobility can be quite an attractive advantage.

In addition to essential legal assistance when applying for immigration, a good immigration law firm will provide investment advisers to ensure you’re making the most of your new start in Canada.

Fact 4: Canada is highly accepting of all people

Canada is often described as one of the most diverse and tolerant nations in the world.

Canada’s population is an ethno-cultural mosaic, made up of various cultures and people of all religions. In fact, newly arrived immigrants are encouraged to retain their unique culture.

The United States is considered more of a melting pot, where immigrant’s cultures are combined together to create what is accepted as “American” culture. Canada prefers to accept each individual as they are and appreciate our differences, coming together to live and learn from one another.

And on a national level, Canada is very welcoming to the rest of the world. It has one of the highest per capita immigration rates of any country. In 2011, the Canadian Province of Quebec had about 8 million residents – almost 1 million were foreign born, which is truly a significant portion of the population. This could be you.

Fact 5: Summers can be very warm & winters are magical

Temperatures in summer can skyrocket to 35 degrees in summer (June, July and August), and in many parts of the country including the two largest cities, Vancouver and Toronto, winters can be relatively mild. Yes, in other areas of Canada, winters can be colder – but depending on the region, it may not be that cold.

And the changing seasons are stunningly beautiful. Spring brings pleasant blue skies, summer is warm and sunny, while gorgeous coloured leaves fall to the ground in autumn, leading to snowy white winters right out of a movie.

Your family will adore all the amazing new activities and sports that can only be enjoyed in a place that has a true winter season! Imagine taking them skating outside on an ice-rink, skiing in the mountains and laughing with all the fun of tobogganing down snowy hillsides.

For the young or young at heart, a winter wonderland can be a magical experience. Seeing your children and grandchildren experience snow for the first time can be a truly heartwarming experience.

Bonus: Canada’s clean environment and pristine nature are simply unbeatable. From parks, rivers, lakes, mountains, streams and open spaces, Canada is a nature-lover’s dream.

Fact 6: Immigrating to Canada makes the most financial sense

It’s true that the process of applying for immigration to a new country can be very frustrating and time-consuming.

However, Canada’s immigration rules are not as rigorous as some other countries.

In fact, compared to other G8 countries that are tightening their immigration laws, Canada is making it easier to enter.

An incredible opportunity exists to use the immigration process through Quebec’s Immigrant Investor Program. This specific immigration program can be a much faster and simpler process compared to other countries.

We can help you.

Global Immigrant Investor will assist you through this process >>

The Investor Program was created with the goal of attracting experienced professionals and their families as permanent residents to the Canadian province of Quebec. Applicants provide a one-time $800,000 investment, which is returned in five years.

Once accepted to the program, you and your family would receive unconditional permanent residence status in Quebec, which can lead to citizenship. This is a huge benefit over other countries’ immigration programs, so it’s worth investigating further.

When you think about the value gained from acceptance into the Investor Program, it is quite astounding. For the price of a new car, you could instead put the money towards the financed investment option – thereby improving your family’s health, happiness and safety by relocating to Canada.

Fact 7: Now is the best time to apply.

Applications are being accepted as of May 26, 2016 – but only for a limited time and with limited spaces.

By applying now, you can save thousands of dollars in application fees based on the current currency exchange rates. Everyday you wait is another missed opportunity at providing your family with a superior quality of life available in Canada.

How We Can Help You Immigrate Faster

Our team members are experts at helping qualified families immigrate to Canada through the Canada (Quebec) Immigrant Investor Program. We are business and investment professionals ourselves working with highly reputable lawyers, and work hard to get your application processed faster.

Base on the complexity of your application, our team also facilitate the lowest financed investment option compare to other agencies. In addition, we will provide the help you’ll need to make the transition to your new home as easy as possible. Our team works with you at no extra charge to assist with settlement services, business and investment and other professional services.

We’re ready to talk to you. Contact us. We can walk you through this immigration process and have already helped families from all over the world enter Canada. You can be next.

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